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Selasa, 01 Desember 2009

Successful diet plan

That we know, obesity is a chronic disease that can develop many diseases. Intake of caffeine, sugar, alcohol, drugs, saturated fat, and salt are linked to many leading causes of death including obesity, hypertension, cardiovascular disease, cancer and liver disease. Probably, these types of heavy diseases will be prohibited by healthy diet. A diet with good diet plan that will minimize the risks of developing nutrition-related diseases and meet successful life. Here is the diet plan that you should knew:


1. A dieter can try to devise a plan of action by seeking advice from a dietician or other health professionals or by consulting current diet books. The instructions are from the experts are really sound good.

2. A sound weight-loss program should involve three features: control of energy intake; increase physical activity; and life long change in food habits.

3. You can take frequent small meals in a limited proportion to give up more pounds. It is best to avoid oily, fried, junk and acidic foods.

4. The plan should allow adaptations to individual habits and tastes. The same plan will not work for anyone. It is not preferable to follow the others diet chart.

5. One best way for a dieter to monitor energy intake at the start of a weight-loss program is reading labels. Label reading is important to know the ingredients of fat, sugar, salt and alcohol. It helps to choose foods with less energy. These are the substances should be avoided while shopping.

6. Walking is one of the easiest exercises to lose weight. It is mandatory to walk 45 minutes per day. It will provide more energy to the body. It won’t allow more fat to be stored in the body.

7. Only the very motivated person should try to lose weight, and ideally this attempt should be preceded by a period of weight maintenance for about 6 months in order to begin the process of balancing energy intake with a degree of energy output that can be maintained. You can lose weight with a supportive friend or in a supportive group.

8. The diet plan should contain common foods. There is no magical food than can speed weight loss. The process of weight-loss program can travel slowly to attain a long-term of weight loss.

9. It is best to avoid setting unreasonable goals to lose weight. It is obviously fragile of effort, time and money.

10. It is mandatory to eat meals and snacks at scheduled time. It is the bad thing to starve to promote weight. Starvation cannot help you to promote weight but gain some unwanted health issues.

How does a healthy diet plan program affect weight loss? Well it is an easy mathematical formula. Calories in (CI) minus calories out (CO) equals weight gain or loss (CI – CO = WG/L). What this means is the bottom line to losing weight is reducing your caloric intake.

If you reduce your daily intake by a mere 500 calories, you’ll lose about a pound a week. But when you don’t drop the sugar laden foods, those calories turn right back into fat. When you add plenty of fiber-rich, complex carbohydrates, you get a reversal of this effect. The calories these foods contain often require that your body burns more calories than the food contains. The result is a net reduction in the calories you consume. Add in your exercise program to your lose weight factor and you’ve effectively multiplied your calorie consumption, resulting in safe and maximum weight loss.

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